What Is the Probability of Winning Blackjack?

Blackjack is known as the game with one of the lowest house edge percentages. But is it possible to tell the probability of winning blackjack? Every blackjack variation has its own odds and also the odds are greatly affected by the player’s strategy. If to cast it all aside they say that in a flat game (where no strategies or game deviations are used) the odds of winning blackjack are a little bit over forty three percent. The odds of tying it are about eight, and you can potentially lose in forty eight percent of cases.

As you see the probability of winning without using any strategies is quite low. That’s why many experienced player always follow a certain strategy to increase their odds. The strategy chart, as well as progression betting methods increase the odds, while such strategies as “never bust” or “assume the ten” decrease the chances to win. Try different strategies playing for free – you got nothing to lose that way, but you will gain a good deal of practical knowledge regarding any given strategy. You can also see what strategies do not work and only make you lose. Good luck and keep those odds on the top.