Winning Blackjack Strategy for Everyone

All people who play blackjack pretty often dream to find winning blackjack strategy. Does it exist? Well, there are many strategies that raise the odds of winning however you will not find a sure win strategy. One of the best methods to increase your winning odds is to use blackjack strategy chart. Such charts are available online and are also allowed to be used at the land-based casinos. The chart shows the most optimal calls for every hand variations. For example, if a player gets 16 and a dealer is showing 2, the odds say that a player needs to stand. The chart tells you what to do in any given situation – really convenient.

The are some strategies that are said to greatly decrease your odds of winning. One of them is called “never bust.” This strategy is pretty much tells you to keep it safe and try not to go over – play safe but never bust. The problem is that with this strategy the dealer has more chances to get more than you but less than 21, so you’ll be losing more. Another strategy that is said to spoil your game is “assume a ten”. Such strategies will only make you lose more, so use some other strategies you find effective.